New Piercings

On an impulse today while out with friends, I decided to get two 16ga helix piercings in my left ear for shits and giggles. I think they look stylin’ on me!

I really hope that my piercings will be mostly healed by the end of the month. I would not look forward to traveling with infected ears. Cartilage, why are you such a pain in the ass to heal?


Posted on June 2, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. musingsofabittergirl

    Congratulations on the new piercings. Cartilage takes longer to heal for sure – I have had 3 of those done years back but had to go back down to 2 because 1 just would not heal after months. A professional piercer later on in life (when I was getting my nipples done I think!) told me it was better to go to someone using hollow needles for those types of ear piercings, so that cartiage is removed rather than just pushed aside … apparently heals much faster that way. Good luck with yours.

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