Dear Conservatives, I’m Pro-Abortion! And You Know What That Makes You?


I really tire of the abortion debate. Even so-called liberals that I have contact with through various political groups always claim to understand the motivations behind the Anti-American clusterfuck that is the conservative party and their holy quest to deprive women of fundamental freedoms.

I’m talking, specifically, about reproductive freedom.

You dudes: us women, well, we don’t rape people in the same numbers you do. We can also chalk our violence up to mental deficiencies, rather than the self-perpetuating prophecy of masculinity. If you weren’t content with the free pass the justice system has given men to rape women that I detailed exhaustively in my last post, your penis-buddies on Capitol Hill also would like us women to know that they value the “life” of a clump of cells, a fetus, or whatever you want to call it, more than freedom.

Because in case you haven’t gotten the message: America’s “freedoms” only apply to white men. Also, because I’m having a bad day, I tire of talking points and meaningless posturing.

So here it is, for everyone who cares to know: I’m Pro-Abortion. I don’t dress my opinions up with fancy terms like “pro-choice” to distance my stance from the fact that I am supporting the systematic termination of a pregnancy that will result in the “death” of a fetus, embryo, fertilized egg, or a sack of cells that might be a human depending on your political agenda.

So, I admit that I am Pro-Abortion. Which means that if we wish to dispose of loaded phrases and cut to the heart of the issue, we’re going to redefine “Pro-Life”.

Note: graphic shamelessly lifted from Andy Singer’s No Exit

First, you are not pro-life. Most conservatives support the death penalty, and holding enemy combatants in Guantanamo Bay until presumably the Apocalypse or nuclear winter. Killing people and torturing them isn’t pro-life. Conservatives also shoot down any efforts to expand affordable health care, even to children. That’s not pro-life either.

To liberal dudes who sympathize with conservatives: you might be pro-life. Sure, you might oppose the death penalty. You probably think water-boarding sucks. Your trendy liberal sentiments might also require you to admit that reducing the cost of health care is instrumentally important to the thousands of children who go without. However, you do share something fundamental with anti-abortion conservatives:

You’re Anti-American.

Nothing is more intrinsic to the idea of Americanism than freedom. Not the hijacked definition of freedom which is used to mount submachine guns on a suburban Hummer, but the kind of freedom to go where I want and do what I please, provided I am not impeding anyone’s rights. Probably the best and most basic exercise of freedom is that over your own body. Someone that does not even have the right to control their own body would, obviously, be a slave.

Now we’ve arrived at a point where sound bites are irrelevant. If I wish to be honest, then I must say that I am firmly and completely Pro-Abortion. If you wish to be “pro-life”, you must oppose the unnatural and purposeful death of all of humanity. Your policies, instead encourage or allow war, torture, grueling child poverty, or a complete dismissal of the rulings of the Supreme Court. Anti-abortion activists and sympathizers are firmly and completely Pro-Slavery (of the reproductive variety) and Anti-American.

So let’s just cut the bullshit, okay? I admit that I love abortion. Now you admit that you love reproductive slavery, and that you hate freedom. Fair is fair, after all.


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  1. Right on. I’m glad to see more people calling themselves pro-abortion. It’s funny. When anti-Americans find a feminist blog in which the blogger refers to herself as being pro-abortion, they often get all excited as if they’ve won some kind of contest. “See! I told you they are pro-abortion!” As if that’s something to be ashamed of.

  2. Hell yes! Oh, and I’m totally stoked that you found my blog. I read yours all the time and think it genius.

  3. Hell yeah! I love this post! I agree with most of the things you said!

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