Americanism and Thought-Crime

Stop saying bad things about the world! Seriously. I mean, nothing’s more American than being happy and loving everyone. Which means that me and the CEO of the company dumping toxic waste into the town lake are totally on the same page, man. We love each other, we’re good neighbors. We both want some good old harmony.

Let’s play the analogy game! Force is to Authoritarianism as what is to Democracy? If you guessed Propaganda you win the grand prize! It’s called thinking. Sometimes it sucks. May cause feelings of intense hopelessness and pessimism. Use with caution.

Unhappiness, dude, that’s not American. If the state of the world sucks, then don’t think about it! In fact, ignore and alienate agitators. Like the government told you to. Or your boss, he’s pro-American just like you. You ever hear of the Mohawk Valley Formula? No? That’s good. Ignorance and bliss is the American way.

My slogan man, it’s totally vacuous. Nobody’s against it, because not supporting X, Y, and Z is bad news. Nobody really knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything. All it does is keep me from asking, “do I support this policy?”. But I’m not allowed to talk about it. Keep moving guys, there’s no racism, sexism, classism, starvation, and disenfranchised here. It’s a post-Feminist, post-Racist, post-classist society. Somebody told me so, and they must be right. I’m happier if I agree with them anyway.

So, do you support our troops? Well, you say, it’s not like I don’t support them. I’ve won. It’s all Americanism and Harmony. We’re all together, empty slogans, blank faces, corporate uniforms, daily grind. Join me, and together we can make sure that nobody ever talks about that nasty class struggle, racist, homophobic, sexist, exploitive, corrupt “issues” ever again.

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