Mussolini and Hitler would hate me

So I’ve done quite a bit on deconstructing sex-positivism and anti-abortion, and I’m frankly quite tired of both issues.

Regardless, two terms I see thrown around a lot to describe my views are Feminazi or Fascist.

First, may I take this opportunity to say that anyone that expresses such sentiments in anything other than jest is an enormous fucktard whose most frequent use of their cranium is during a self-colonoscopy.

For the life of me, I simply cannot think of two political movements more fundamentally anti-feminist than Fascism and Nazism. I attempted to illustrate this with the lovely photo I uncovered from the internets of two female anti-feminist neo-nazis, wearing their idiocy across their chests and displaying it on a flag.

Fascism, as anyone with a high school diploma should know, is both an authoritarian and nationalist political ideology that seeks to halt cultural decline and liberalism by protecting and enforcing corporativism, militarism, and traditionalism.

Likewise, Nazism is basically a form of fascism, albeit a form that is less concerned with corporativism and more with eugenics. If I had to piece together the -isms of Hitler, I’d say he was anti-parliamentarist, anti-liberal, anti-communist, an ethnic nationalist, a racist, a collectivist, and an antisemite.

I feel no need to source the above statements, because I assume that readers of my blog stumble upon here with a basic knowledge of world history. My feelings are that if you can’t identify the key components of Nazism and Fascism other than “lol, dead Jews” or “bad shit happened”, kindly fuck off and take your stupidity with you.

I’m much more forgiving, however, with the definition of feminism. In my explorations of the label, I’ve come up with more concrete ideas of what Feminism is not, rather than what it is in anything other than nebulous terms.

If pressed, I would admit that Feminism is not impressed by race or nationality. It is unabashedly liberal by necessity and nature. Analysis of popular culture leads feminism to be partially or wholly anti-corporate and critical of traditional or social conventions.

Basically, in less words, if I had to create a two-dimensional continuum of political ideologies with liberals on one side and conservatives on the other, Hitler and I would be so far apart as to be in different galaxies. The thought that what I express is somehow conservative, let alone bears a certain resemblance to dead fascists, is simply mind-bogglingly stupid.

Can there really be anything more forcibly masculine as a bunch of brainwashed militaristic lunatics killing people to make themselves out to be suitable members of the dominant culture? I think the only thing stereotypically feminine Hitler ever did was write a book, about how liberalism, Jews, and homosexuals will destroy the world, and it was written in prison. The only thing more masculine than prison is writing a long book about how people suck because they don’t look like you or, like women, they fuck men.

If that doesn’t convince you, let’s take a look at Mussolini. If you are ever on the “Fascist Italy” category in Jeopardy, it might be useful to know that Mussolini though the only purpose of women was to get married and have lots and lots of babies. He thought that this was so important that in 1927 he launched a program called the Battle for Births. You can’t build a large army to make others submit to your authoritarian racism without lots and lots of babies. To accomplish this task, Mussolini gave out tax benefits to people with lots of kids, and taxed the hell out of single women and men for having the audacity to not be using their reproductive organs to further the state’s war machine.

Can there really be anything more virile and awesome than infecting the world with your plentiful fascist spawn? This of course, must be accomplished with the suitably masculine pursuit of marrying some woman to chain, pregnant, to the stove.

In conclusion, the only thing more asinine than the use of “Feminist” as an insult is the use of “Feminazi”. Watch out: this bisexual Jewish feminist is going to force her liberalism and anti-corporatism upon you in a fashion totally parallel to homophobic, anti-Semitic and traditionalist historical regimes!

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  1. Awesome deconstruction Jenn, as usual. I wish I could carry your blog around in a little napsack and throw it at people when they started acting like fuckwads.


    That picture is fucking hilarious. I mean, it would be if it was a put-on.

    Right on, again. I’ve been arguing with that Kennerson character and IACB on Ren’s blog about their use of the term “fascist” to refer to radical feminists. It’s such an obvious tactic I almost don’t want to bother, but they seem pretty successful at misrepresenting what we’re about. I was actually shocked to see how many people think radical feminists are all about criminalizing this or that and punishing women for participating in sex work.

    But even if that were the case, it’s still stupid. When I get some boots, a rifle, some youth training camps, and dictatorial control of a large country with its own army, then start trying to tell people what to do and punishing those who don’t conform, people can start asking whether I’m a fascist. Until then, they’re dumbasses.

  3. Feminists would never think about ruining a cool mustache’s reputation by associating it with genocide!

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