Powerful men shit on their marriage vows, perhaps sabotage other presidential hopefuls

To be honest, I would really like to give men as a group the benefit of the doubt. However, headlines continue to damage my optimism with extensive coverage of the direct correlation between men, a position of power, and a total lack of respect for their wives.

You’ve no doubt, by now, heard of former Presidential hopeful Edward’s disgusting affair with a campaign worker while his wife was being treated for terminal cancer. Now, he admits to the affair, although he denies that he fathered an illegitimate child. Honestly, I cannot determine whether or not he is telling the truth about the nonexistence of his child at this point, because the only concrete fact I have to work with is that John Edwards is a lying sack of shit and a scumbag.

Regardless, my heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards, and I hope that her recovery is not strained by the stress of her husband’s extramarital affair. It’s truly heartbreaking to see such strong political women brought low by their husbands.

The blogosphere has already kicked into high gear, most proclaiming that Edward’s affair shouldn’t affect his political career. I highly disagree.

Is someone’s character relevant to the job they do? Absolutely. I wouldn’t want a narcissist as my boss no matter how good he or she is for the company. Likewise, I do think that someone that talks about the definition of marriage and women’s issues should be someone that has respect for his wife, who has been nothing but supportive throughout his career, at least enough to have the decency to seek a divorce before moving onto younger “conquests”.

Does Edward’s cheating surprise me? Not really. I would like to say that I have a better opinion of men in power, but I don’t.  The rules of the glass ceiling are: (1) you must be twice as smart and ambitious as a man to succeed and (2) you must be thrice as moral and likable. In short, men can be cheating douchebags and still run the world. Women can’t even secretly hate babies and expect to be elected to a city council position.

Part of the reason nobody seems to care if men are immoral gas bags is that the media would rather stick their heads in the sand for ten months than slander the name of a penis-toting politician (unless he’s black, then he’s fair game).

Am I the only one that thinks that the Democratic party (which I am not a part of, due to their recently assholish brush-off of the concerns of women voters, and the existence of third parties) might not be a morass of simmering resentment right now if Edwards had done the decent thing and made sure that the people voting for him weren’t doing so under the assumption that he was a upright sort of fellow?

Next time someone wibbles on about how the Clinton camp may or may not have lied or stole votes in the primaries, I would like to draw attention to the fact that Edwards had the gall to pretend he was the supportive husband of an ailing woman while he was not-so-secretly banging someone else, and the mass media covered his ass until he had the decency to fess up.

Whether or not you agree that someone’s infidelity would make them a bad president, some other voter that checked the box next to Edwards might not have the same opinion. I voted for Clinton, and the resentment I have for how the mass media treated her has fought its way back to the surface of my mind in light of the fact that not only did the mass media cover the ass of a cheater, the election might have gone very differently if they portrayed Clinton and Edwards accurately. Even if Obama would have still won, the primaries might have not have dragged on as long as they did.

In conclusion, fuck you mass media. Fuck you John Edwards. Fuck you Democratic party.


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  1. The only thing I really feel the need to point out, is while you demonize and malign him, women cheat in numbers basically equal to that of men.

    It’s not some phenomenon unique to men, to be unfaithful. Nor is it even one where a vast amount of men do it, and only a few women.

  2. While I don’t know much about Edwards, as he received comparatively little coverage here in Oz, its not too much of a suprise… Hell, Clinton (the male one) is considered the arch-Democrat, and something of a god by certain media outlets (despite the killing half a million Iraqi kids being “worth it”… great administration that one), lied about exactly the same thing in his run in 92-3, so its not exactly surprising. Hell, some of Clinton’s (female one) supporters still claim that Hillary was not pre-selected on gender grounds – despite polls showing that in states Hillary won race was selected by over twice as many people as a voting concern over gender (suggesting Obama was at a much bigger disadvantage). I’m sure there’s still one or two democrats out there who are ok, hell, maybe even three, but the Democrats are, and always will be part of the entrenched system of imperial power, and they will protect it, and they will act like fuckers.

    Yes, Grover Cleavland and FDR are shining lights of the Democratic Party (the only anti-Colonial Presidents I can think of), but Woodrow Wilson (Haiti), Truman (Japan), JFK (Cuba, Viet Nam,), LBJ (Viet Nam), Clinton (Yugoslavia, Iraq) have all committed – and should be tried for – war crimes.

    By all means be outraged, as you should be, but don’t be surprised that a party with such a disrespect for human life should treat other people with such disrespect.

  3. I thought I expressed that I wasn’t surprised. And I’m not at all. The only Democrat in recent years that I can think of that did anything to reverse Imperialism was Carter. Thus, I’m very aware that they “act like fuckers”. Although, domestically, they are less likely to support exploitive policies, and in their own way, they are “better” at foreign policy. Yes, and I’m aware that this is a “lesser of two evils” scenario.

  4. @D – no, women don’t cheat in equal numbers to men. If you don’t have anything relevant and correct to contribute to the thread, please go away.

  5. @D – also, how the fuck does the cheating or not cheating of women affect my ire for Edwards, who not only cheated on his terminally ill wife, but lied about it so that people voting for him where under the impression that he was something he was not?

    Give me one American female politician that did the same. Even then, it’s still not relevant because we’re talking about Edwards.

  6. radfempornbasher

    Not just disrespectful- she was in remission when he cheated, and then he says he told her about it. Her cancer then returned. Stress can reignite cancer. His despicable act may have killed her.

    The fact that he came off as such a family man, so supportive and so not like this is why it so aggravating. There are many complaining now about why we don’t go after McCain for his cheating in the same way. For me, it comes down to already hating McCain and not thinking for a minute that he might be better than some other guy.

    While I was not in the bag for Edwards, I certainly respected him and thought he respected his wife and the American people. But think of this- if he were the nominee today, what extra HELL he’d be putting the Dems through. I’m like you Jenn, I can’t call myself a Dem anymore, they piss me off too much. But I thought Edwards had some really good stances on the issues. Now I just get enraged thinking of what has come of his stances and how he ruined his own career in such an awful way. And look what he may have made so much worse for his wife.

  7. This guy is a frickin’ embarrassment.

  8. @D – no, women don’t cheat in equal numbers to men. If you don’t have anything relevant and correct to contribute to the thread, please go away.

    Nearly equal, yes, they do.

    Kinsey is very, very dead. His studies are ancient, and that one is not particularly relevant to modern society.

    Kinsey made various personal estimates.

    In the 40’s and 50’s. Not quite relevant to today’s society.

    Most modern estimates put women’s infidelity within a few percent of men’s.

    That’s what I’m saying. Demonize men all you like, but it’s not some super common male behaviour that’s all but never seen in women.

    @D – also, how the fuck does the cheating or not cheating of women affect my ire for Edwards, who not only cheated on his terminally ill wife, but lied about it so that people voting for him where under the impression that he was something he was not?

    Like I said, because getting angry at him for it and lying about it…well, I’m fairly certain everyone that’s cheated has lied about it.

    For all you know there are plenty of female politicians that have cheated and lied, and just haven’t gotten caught yet. The same goes for the men. I’d say the vast majority don’t get caught.

    That, and considering how many people cheat on their spouses, I can’t bring myself to care. Politicians lie when their lips move. That’s how politics work.

    I’d rather a politician/president lie about cheating on their spouse, than, say, lying about WMD in Iraq.

  9. @D – Unless you can present me with a rational argument how the cheating or not cheating of women is relevant to the conversation, and then support that statement with legitimate sources, I will have to block your ISP from this thread on account of being off topic.

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