Captain Change hates gays

Another mark against the “Obama is Jesus” crowd: our newest President really dislikes the filthy people that have the audacity to love others of the same gender.

Let’s count down the ways President-elect Obama has revealed that when he said, “I am a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans,” he was really just talking out his ass:

1. Both Obama and Biden are strongly against the idea of gay marriage. They have said nothing to imply otherwise and openly agreed with Palin’s conservative stance in debates on this issue.

2. Obama agreed to hold his first debate in a fiercely anti-gay evangelical church, where he engaged in enough moderate-conservative political posturing to destroy any idea that he’s at all into equality.

3. Obama never said anything about the looming specter of Prop 8 over the course of his long campaigning. And I partly hold his silence over the matter at fault for its passing.

4. Obama hired Donnie McClurkin, a fiercely anti-gay gospel singer, to lead his rallies in South Carolina

5. In response to the obvious uproar over #4, Obama then hired openly gay Rev. Andy Sidden. To apologize, he wrote this letter:

Pastor McClurkin believes and has stated things about sexual orientation that are deeply hurtful and offensive to many Americans, most especially to gay Americans. This cannot and should not be denied… At the same time, a great many African Americans share Pastor McClurkin’s beliefs. This also cannot be ignored.

Actually, Mr. President-Elect, I’m expecting you to ignore the opinions of bigots and other opponents to equality. So is every one else with their heads screwed on straight.

6. Obama has selected Rick Warren, who compares homosexuality to incest, to lead his inauguration prayer.

Let’s examine what’s wrong with #6. The fact that Obama needs an inauguration prayer says a hell of a lot about his “commitment” to change. The kicker is that that prayer will be offered by an anti-gay pastor says “hey, thanks for getting me elected liberals. Now I’m going to do just what every other conservative would do: ignore your bleeding-heart facts for the lovely bigotry inspired by this kind of religion.”

It’s a little early to be saying Not My President, but I’m not holding out much hope after similar slights against women’s rights and pro-choice sentiments by the President Elect were revealed in the course of his campaign.

Note to the wise: it’s not a good idea to mock the sentiments of the party that got you elected in the first moments of your presidency. We might just have to decide to hold a gay orgy on the White House lawn to shock and offend your bigot ass.


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  1. It’s a slap in the face to lesbian and gay people; and it’s all so UINNECESSARY. I’m definitely not the most savvy person in the world, but even I can quickly come up with a short list of potential religious-identified speakers for invocation who are unequivocally for equal rights for all people. On another blog the term “fence sitting” was used to describe BO’s explanation of his rationale for supposedly including all side at the ceremony. I’m so sorry, Jenn. After Prop 8, no GLBTIQ person needs more rejection.

  2. This just broke my heart. I’m so disappointed…

  3. When I first read about this, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And something occurred to me. What if it were reversed?—what if it were a Caucasian gay (or not) President-elect hiring a RACIST minister for the inauguration?

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