To Catch a Rapist

A while ago, I came home from work to find my mother forgoing her usual routine of reality television to watch PBS Frontline’s “Sex Slaves“. The documentary was about sex trafficking, particularly of women and girls.

Now, I think that this issue is enormous and poignant and heart-wrenchingly serious. But somehow the entire two hours or so of the documentary managed to not show the face of a single man who was guilty of raping a prostituted sex slave. What it featured instead was candid-camera shots—reminiscent of titillating homemade sex tapes—of bared mid drifts, jean-glad backsides, and five inch heels. Human interest stories and interviews primarily featured white European women, and men that had “rescued” or wanted to rescue their sexual property damsels in distress from other men.

The entire thing was sickening to behold. Invariably, my mother—not very savvy on feminist issues—thought that my objections were “silly” (thanks for the condescension, Mom). Wasn’t it enough that someone was paying attention?

Of course it isn’t. The problem with sex trafficking is not about how pimps and traffickers are “victimizing” the poor whittle men and breaking up their nice white familes. It’s not about stealing the virginity of European girls. It’s certainly not just another story about “Bad Stuff Happens to You When You’re Poor”. It’s about the sexploitation of women and girls and the men who feel they have the right to rape women in order to express their sick conflation of dominance and sex.

What the fauxomentary actually showed was nothing progressive or at all helpful. It was just the same pathetic human-interest stories about nice white virginal women being kidnapped and then being saved by their knight in shining armor. Women of color and of other nationalities were dissected into flashes of boobs and asses to titillate the viewer. Women who did not fall within the patriarchy’s idea of “sexy” were not shown at all. Apparently, it’s only rape if you’re hot.

The result was the fauxgressive capitalist-friendly hand-waving treatment of sex trafficking. No men were shamed, only glorified as heroes. No unsexy women were shown. No trends were explored. No cultural critique was done. The expose of one of the most grevious manifestations of patriarchy reduced to sexploitation. I could picture liberal dudez sitting around their televisions debating over which formerly trafficked woman was hotter, and which used vagina was still pure enough to have the priviledge of being approved of by their cock. Their thoughts would have only been encouraged by plentiful erotic camera shots: the sexploitation of the sexploited. The hypocrisy was utterly disgusting.

Now that I think of it, the only television program that has succeeded in doing anything positive for the victims of rape is To Catch a Predator with Chris Hansen. The show doesn’t sex-up the would-be victim, who is blurred out and seen from afar by hidden cameras. The predator is the star of this show. His victim exits the stage within the first minute of the footage, and then we are treated to close up of his quivering visage and “oh shit” face. We get to hear his pathetic excuses and justification of the rape of children. We curl our lips at his explanations of why he has condoms and lube if he’s meeting a ten year old. We get to see his shame when his sexually explicit and criminally damning online conversations to a supposedly underage plant are read back to him.

What To Catch a Predator does is expose the subject and perpetrator of a heinous crime to the loathing of the population. It doesn’t shame victims who “led on” the poor wittle man in need of sex. It doesn’t warn parents to chain their whorish daughters to their beds and not let them touch a computer. Instead, it presents the criminals to public and says, “look, the emperor has no clothes, and he likes to rape small children”.

That is what PBS should have done. Instead of filming what looks to be a pornography on the subject of sex trafficking, they should have made clear who exactly was causing the demand for rape-for-pay. It should have raided brothels of trafficked women and exposed the rapists and traffickers (and called them such, instead of “johns” and “pimps”) as the disgusting pieces of shit they are. It should have waved a bright light in their face and said, “explain why we found you raping a non-consenting woman”. Then it should have plastered their full name, occupation, and age all over the television as they were escorted in handcuffs to a police crusier.

Wet streets don’t rape and traffic women. Men are out there, right now, demanding and dirving a multi-billion dollar economy bought off the backs of viciously exploited women, children, and the occasional man. Showing the faces of these women is just another drop in the bucket for the porn-sick consumers of America. They either become tainted women in need of rescuing, or whores you can jerk one off to in the imagining of the hopelessly indoctrinated patriachial shitstain.

What the world needs is to for PBS to take their stupid blur off the faces of the rapists and ask them to “take a seat over there”. We need to know who these sick fucks are. We need to know that they are responsible for their crimes and that their excuses are hollow and hypocritical. We need to see the law deal seriously with their transgressions.

Only then will a documentary about sex trafficking be about something other than HOT WIMMENZ FOOLIN POOR WITTLE MENZ INTO BONIN THEM.

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  1. undercoverpunk

    In case you find this as revealing as I do, Dateline: To Catch a Predator has NEVER, EVER caught a female predator. Draw your own conclusions:

    Frequent viewer question #3: Why don’t you ever catch women?

    Del, Perverted-Justice: One of the questions that we get asked more than any other question is, “Why don’t you guys bust women?” And it’s not for lack of (laughter) trying. It’s not like we’re out there with just girls. We’ve got boys, we’ve got everything , but women just generally aren’t Internet predators. In terms of just a woman of her own accord hitting on one of our kids, we just haven’t had it happen.

    The closest we’ve ever come to catching a woman was in Georgia. She told a Perverted-Justice decoy she was going to come with her boyfriend for group sex – the woman chatted on the phone with the decoy named Erin.

    Del: And we’re like, “oh there is a woman.” And she has this conversation. And she was gonna come with Marvin. And Marvin ended up showing up for the girl. But, the woman Phyllis, didn’t come.

    • Huh. I don’t doubt that there are female predators, and statistics have shown that females can and do molest children. It seems that they don’t use the internet to do so though.

    • I saw that viewer question about why there weren’t any women on the show and thought, “What, did some MRA write in with that?”

  2. undercoverpunk

    Yes, there certainly are female predators and pedophiles. While we are not MORALLY superior to men in this respect, women sexually molest and assault others with a frequency that is *dwarfed* by the commonality of male predators. I blame socialization.

    In terms of using the internet as a tool for contacting and grooming victims, I can only assume that EITHER women’s superior intellect ;) allows them to evade capture, OR their motivation is qualitatively different to the extent that women’s molestation goals are not served by seeking victims via the internet.

    I also find it interesting how often the show’s participants ADMIT to having prior knowledge of Dateline’s trap and yet, continue with their behavior. I believe I even saw one episode where they caught a REPEAT offender who had been featured on a previous show. The arrogance and stupidity of these people is truly unbelievable! Mind boggling!!

    • Of course women don’t molest children as much. I read somewhere that women typically molest children with men, in that they are in cohorts with a male pedophile and they molest children together. That and the vast majority of female sex criminals molest children that they personally know. Men do the same, but a sizable portion of them also troll the internet for anonymous sex and do disgusting things like go on sex vacations in the third world to rape children. Men are also much more likely to be reoffendors, which, like you said, is why we get mind bogglingly stupid predators getting caught several times by the same show.

      Although, it seems to me that they shouldn’t be caught several times. There’s something wrong with sentencing in this country if pedophiles are freely roaming the streets and reoffending like woah.

      • undercoverpunk

        OMG, sex vacations to non-industrialized countries to rape children?!!? I’m off to cry now. Ignorance is so, so, soooo blissful…

        • Sorry to burst your bubble, but a sizable portion of the GDP of many semi-industrialized countries comes from sex tourism. It’s a point that I bring up a lot when people take the “lol uncivilized savages” route to point out how good women in America have it because men in the rest of the world are all rapists sponsored by their government’s lack of rape laws. I reply that America doesn’t exactly prosecute rape to any reasonable extent, and that American—and European—men who wish to rape children with impunity simply catch the next flight to India. If they want to rape women, well, there’s sex domestic trafficking, particularly in nations where the powers that be have stupidly decriminalized punting without combating sex trafficking, for that. Men really don’t have any place in the world where they have to significantly fear being caught for rape, as long as what they rape isn’t the “property” of some man of the ruling class (i.e. the daughter or wife of a well-off white male).

          • About the “repeat” offenders and the “catch and release” thing –

            They’re “repeat” offenders, because they know they’ll be released again. However, I also blame the imprisonment of non-violent drug offenders (particularly for marijuana) for this: too many NVOs get arrested and the violent and sick people have to be released, so there’s enough room. I don’t use illegal drugs and I’m not endorsing it, but I’m just pointing out that another flawed system is responsible for the “catch and release” of these pedophiles, too.

          • Ha, even if you did use illegal drugs, I really don’t much care and don’t think that that weakens your argument. Prisons, I think, are for violent criminals and those that are a danger to large swaths of society. I don’t count any person who sells heroin or smokes a joint among that.

  3. Am I a dick for thinking Chris Hansen is the coolest person alive? I love To Catch a Predator more than any other show I’ve ever seen. I often watch it with my best friends and laugh hysterically at the guys they catch. I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but watching Chris Hansen come out and say to some pervert, “Getting ready to take a dip, huh?” or “How do you like those cookies?” is the ultimate in entertainment for me. And their screen names, their excuses, their obsequiousness toward Hansen, and the fact that they all seem to be sponsored by Mike’s Hard Lemonade kills me. The Fort Meyers episodes are by far the funniest because Chris Hansen couldn’t possibly be more sarcastic and derisive.

    Of course, this is all secondary to the satisfaction I get at seeing sex predators exposed on national TV.

    • undercoverpunk

      Nah. Chris Hansen ROCKS on To Catch a Predator. He is waaaaay funny with his dead-pan: yeah, you’re free to leave. Then they get handcuffed on the ground in the driveway. HA!! If I’m flipping channels and it’s on, I’m watching! It’s not only fascinating and satisfying, but highly entertaining–what’s not to LOVE??!

    • I really enjoy laughing at the pathetic rapist scum of the universe too. It’s a far cry from fearing shadows in backalleys and weaving your keys between your fingers while you walk to your car alone at night. I might to be sick to say that if job was to be as sarcastic and derisive towards rapists, I would feel such sublime catharsis.

  4. Hee! I enjoy Hansen’s snark, too. “What ‘cha doin’ here??” is an in-joke for my SO and me.

    • Lol. The “why don’t you take a seat?” is a line I use with friends whenever we’re caught doing something we shouldn’t.

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