Feministing is full of shit

After last post’s take-down of “I Love Sucking Dick” feminism, I turn now to one feminist community that occasionally has Crowning Moments of Awesome, but is mostly full of fail: Feministing.

This, I think, stems from the site’s reputation as “feminism-lite”. I really can’t remember the last time that I’ve seen theory or anything approaching cerebral posted there. Understandably, the feministing commenters and contributors are confused. They ask such pressing feminist questions as, “can I read US News?” or, “how do I find environmentally-friendly mascara?” It’s feminism without substance or anything revolutionary. Postpostfeminism. We’ve apparently defeated racism, rape, the vast majority of humanity that suffers in poverty, homophobia, hate crimes, and all kinds of violence against women. Now we can talk about Obama and makeup.

So, how is Feministing full of shit? Ideally, I’d like to do a meta-analysis. But, hey, it’s a lot harder to do that blog-format, especially when I’m not getting paid or getting a grade for it. So I treat you to specific examples of the usual tripe that is posted there, with my witty take-downs.

First case: Jon and Kate, Plus Millions of Female Tabloid Readers. This post is about the divorce of former white-picket-fence heterosexual baby machines and reinforcers of patriarchal norms, Kate and John Gosslin. It’s also about women who read about the divorce, and how they are Bad Stupid Women. In short, this is a post about how certain kinds of feminists are totally better people and women in general than other stupid women. We’re good women, you’re not. How do we know this? Why, we read a post at Forbes—that bastion of feminist theory and unbiased reporting—that claims that women are responsible for this divorce because of our silly womanly rubbernecking and gossip, and vast consumption of tabloids.

So, the poster argues, stop buying tabloids! You’re to blame. Blah blah blah. You’re not really interested in her point, because it’s something you could easily read on an MRA site about how we’re all superficial bitches with crazy-making vaginas. It is funny to note that instead of going, “there’s a major news source blaming family troubles on women… doesn’t that sound familiar?” we’re going to say OH GOLLY GEE they totally have a point. We are, in fact silly bitches responsible for everything in the world, especially the content of tabloids. But not me, you understand, because I am a Good Woman, and you are not.

This vision of a Good Woman, in fact, doesn’t buy tabloids at airport kiosks (that’s the words she uses, “airport kiosks”). She instead buys Forbes, so she can be a good upper-class white woman and know everything there is to now about sociopaths pretending money makes their dick bigger finances and economics. She does this in an airport, because she’s so rich and shit and therefore flies often enough that her choice of airplane reading is, in fact, very dire indeed. Also, we all know that only women gossip about celebrities, and that if you ask any man out there they will have no idea who Kate Gosslin is, let alone have an opinion of her. We also know that women, in fact, are the editors and contributers and owners of every single tabloid, and that via vagina-hive-mind, we secretly collude at night about how purple is the new pink is the new black and what direction we will take the media—which we own and operate by ourselves—tomorrow.

Also, my reading of this article is totally accurate and shit, because down the thread you will notice that the commenters are trying to establish who is a Better Woman by comparing their choice of tabloids and television shows. Oh, the post patriarchy. How trivial are your concerns! Now that we have not dismantled the real hierarchies in which women are shamed, killed, and abused, we can invent new hierarchies to shame women!

Second Case: Why is it called “Feminism” if it’s supposed to fight all forms of inequality? The author wants to know how to make men think that the idea that women are equal to them isn’t bat-shit crazy. My advice would probably be unwanted: if a man thinks that he is a superior form of humanity, and therefore, that your feminism must be about him, for him, and by him before he gives a shit, he is a sad sack of dumbass and not worthy of the calories expended to acknowledge his existence. Also, it’s called “feminism” because we’re not fighting for men’s rights. Men’s rights, apparently, include not paying child support and forcing women to have abortions, so you can kindly shut the fuck up about men’s rights. I answered your questions, Men Who Don’t Get That Feminism Isn’t About Them, now go do your own research and learn to fail quietly, alone, where I don’t have to hear you.

Third Case; Post-feminism femme fatales. The author establishes that these aforementioned stunning examples of anti-feminism, class priviledge, and heteronormativity—as she imagines them—are “enchantress of the highest order, in all political, social, environmental and economic arenas” and “anticipating the ultimate passage of an Equal Rights Amendment, but in the meantime, busy chipping away at professional restrictions in our own spirited way”. This spirited way includes not burning the bra they paid at least $100 dollars for, which they will take off for men depending on their mood.

This case is about an obvious a case of I Suck Dick and It’s Fucking Awesome Feminism that one could hope to have. It’s so dumb, I thought it was satire. Oh, and if you think that agitating, angrily, because you have zero civil rights at a federal level makes someone a Bad Woman, have a big piece of shut the fuck up.

I’d post more cases, but all this is starting to make me slightly nauseous. Granted, the Feministing mainpage, devoted mostly to news (sans the comments, which are mostly full of fail), is more sanitary than the Community posts, which are typically full of “how do I make men like my feminism?” and “I like sucking dick” type posts. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Feminism is apparently all about men, and their dicks. Really. I learned it on the internet.

Why am I picking on Feministing? First, they’re a big popular site, my pissing and moaning isn’t going to hurt their hits in the least. Also, it’s because I’m working up my courage to eventually address the blog that led to the last post by taking down a trend I’ve witnessed on feminist blogs for a long time. This trend is alienating as shit to my queer not upper-middle-class ass, making online feminism more an exercise of searching for a non-dumbass in the rough than a happy fun time with friendsies.


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  1. Butterflywings

    Hey. Found your blog via Cath Elliott’s.
    I don’t disagree with you, but think those are particularly egregious examples.
    Feministing is what it is; if you want rigorous radical feminist analysis, you’re in the wrong place.
    The first post I absolutely agree was just a fail.
    The second, and the general trend for ‘how to make men get it’ posts are, well…they are what they are. Sadly there is a continuum between arseholes who are not going to get feminism, ever, and are not worth a feminist’s time, and paragons of feminist men. Some feminists do socialise with men, and I don’t think it’s a *bad* thing to discuss ways to explain feminist concepts.
    I can see what you mean, and wish I could not give a &*(( what anyone thinks, but…
    The third, yeah, that was a pile of fail as well, but satisfyingly was taken down in the comments.

  2. It just gets better: “Disappointing news: Porn is now illegal in the Ukraine.”

    FFS, that’s the depth of coverage it gets. It’s DISAPPOINTING. Gah wtf.

  3. I also feel alienated by blogs like Feministing.

    The overly-privileged tone grates on me.

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