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My bad

So I’m two days away from two finals I really don’t want to take, with about twelve posts in draft form that I want to complete, but don’t have the inspiration or time to do so.

Yeah, so I’m not dead, for those that were wondering. You can keep up with me on twitter, which I seem to update more regularly than my blog.

But if y’all could write my thesis and apply to post-graduate programs (PhD, if you’re wondering) programs for me, that would give me more time for feminist theorizing/bitching.

My job is fucking awesome

For the last two years, I’ve worked very part-time as a respite care specialist. All I do, basically, is go to people’s houses and baby-sit special needs children, and get paid by the state. It was good, but sporadic, work.

I used to work part-time (actual part-time, not slacker part-time) in high school and take a full course load, so the last two years have been extremely lazy. I basically don’t do much more than sit on my ass, read ahead of the syllabus for my classes (a necessity, given that all my of classes this semester are either law or philosophy and require a ton of reading and writing), blog, and occasionally pick up an hour or two here or there of work.

After the mid-summer disaster in which I figured out that I’m too poor to study abroad and my university is a bunch of cheapskates and won’t help me, I decided that it was about time I went back to work and padded my savings.

I might be one of the few people on the planet that likes working, especially working on mindless repetitive tasks. It’s like a paid vacation from my theoretical philosophy and law bullshit. Believe it or not, I also procrastinate much less when I’m working because I can’t afford to. I figured that with my GPA slowly dropping, it was about time for me to be productive. Oh, and the pay-check is always a plus.

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And now, a boating reprieve

Lake Powell

I will be away until Monday with several friends. We have rented an extremely tiny houseboat on Lake Powell (in southern Utah), and I’m leaving tomorrow at the ghastly hour of midnight. Lucky for me, some other poor sap volunteered to drive seven hours in the middle of the night, so I’ll probably pass out in a hapless friend’s lap as soon as we hit the interstate. I’ll be looking forward to three days of partying, swiming, and maybe jet skiing if I have the extra cash. The only thing that could make this weekend more exciting would be the ability to bring my cat.

Anyone have a bottle opener?

So I finally got tired of Blogspot’s editing software, poor layouts, and flimsy comment moderation. As of today, this is the new home of XXBlaze. You can find my old blog here, although I will not be updating there anymore.

As soon as I got some sort of regular readership, it seems like I was hit pretty hard by the spammers, trolls, and flamers. WordPress offers me a lot more options when it comes to deleting comments and banning certain users. My comment policy is the same as always. Here is how approval of comments should work: you submit your comment. I approve it if I like it. From that day forward, your posts are automatically approved. Simple, I hope. I guess I’m just going to have to be a bit more diligent about deleting assholes and soapboxers, and nipping off-topic threads in the bud.

If you don’t think you’re a troll, don’t worry, you’re probably not. I just switched here because I finally get to use my schnazzy new banner, and so I can make sure that this is a feminist haven instead of the internets’ dumping ground.

All of my old posts and your comments have been preserved here. If something is up and the format is screwy, feel free to drop me a line. Otherwise, happy reading/bitching/posting!

Photoshop + Feminism

So I was working on a new banner for the blog, and I came up with the above. I really like it a lot. I think I might port this blog over to WordPress, simply because I like the features over there more. I’m up in the air, though, of what exactly I’m going to do. I do think that the new layout is going to be something with a lot of red, and something with a lot more sidebars than what I currently have. I want people to stumble upon my blog and immediately know what they’re looking at, but I also want a lot of interactive features. Currently, Blogger doesn’t do so well on tags and comments. I abhor their comment system.

Search terms that uncover radical feminist blogs

I really love my sitemeter, the unintentional source of much hilarity. Among the searches that lead people to this page are:

  • why do men constantly masturbate if they have a significant other?
  • beauty teen 12 years old xx
  • preteen forced sex
  • middle school girl xx
  • preteen orgasms
  • free home made porn older women younger men
  • xx larger sexy woman porn

1. Well, I don’t know. I don’t have a penis. You’re not going to find the answer here, sorry. If I may make an educated guess, it’s probably because sometimes it’s just easier to masturbate. At least for me, I don’t have to worry about what I smell like or if I feel like reciprocating. Don’t take it personally, okay?

2-5. I find it unintentionally hilarious that dudez out there looking for some hot XX underage rape get a radical feminist blog instead.

6-7. Again, surfing for porn and turning up an anti-porn site is just precious. I wish google bombing still worked like it used to, and for every time someone looked for porn they’d get something like oneangrygirl.

Body Positivism: Health in a post-BMI Mentality

One of the most valuable things I have taken away from Feminism is how to love myself and everyone, no matter what shape they are. I especially have to give a hat tip to the lovely ladies over at Shapely Prose for all of their hard work. I feel like the battle to accept myself, and others, is constantly uphill. The work of feminists and fat acceptance activists has helped me increase my self esteem and be healthier, mentally and physically.

Nevertheless, various health issues connected with food run in my family. For years, I struggled to control my intake and exercise religiously. This struggle was mostly fruitless, because I love to eat and cook. Running in place on a treadmill was nowhere near as fun as inhaling the heavenly aroma of home-made risotto as I stirred it on the stove, and then receiving glowing compliments on my culinary abilities from my family and friends.

The age-old “diet and exercise” shtick wasn’t sticking. Fat Acceptance mentality in tow, I decided to go to a friend-recommended local nutrionist for a check-up that I refused to receive from my weight-obsessed general physician.

Before she began, I set a few rules. No talk of BMI. No discussion of weight and “weight classes”. I stressed that I really did not care about what size I wore. I wanted to know if I was getting the right vitamins, if my cholesterols were in balance, and I could pass basic physical fitness tests. In short, I wanted to know everything worth knowing, and nothing that wasn’t worth knowing. If I was healthy and moderately fit, I didn’t need “weight loss tips”.

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Firefox 3.0

Yeah, I’m going to download Mozilla Firefox 3.0 the day it comes out, June 17. I’m a huge dork. Rumor on the street is that it’s more secure, and not so much of a system hog. As someone who’s crashed her laptop several with sixty or more tags open, I’m really going to appreciate this. My only hope is that my beloved plug-ins, like the javascript blocking and ass-saving No Script, will be compatible with the upgrade.