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Geekin’ Out, Like Whoa

I just bought a new Blackberry 8830 World Edition from Alltel today. My old cell phone broke many months ago, and Verizon refused to pay for a new one unless I renewed my contract for an additional two years. No thank you Verizon, your data plans are full of suck.

So I switched to Alltel and their glorious top-of-the-line Blackberry and unlimited data plan. I cannot believe that I lived without my glorious Crackberry for so long. I love it and its dual-band data and voice. I praise its lovely voice dialing that actually works. Alltel, their blazing fast data network, and My Circle minute-saving is full of win and awesome.

As a requirement for my French classes in Quebec this summer, I have to do photo blogging of the city. The camera I got for my sixteenth birthday was clunky, out of date, and had poor battery life. I had no choice but to invest in a new camera. Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-LZ6 fit the bill nicely. It was not sleek or slim, but I was willing to compromise for the only camera under $200 without pathetic optical zoom. For $120, 7.2 megapixels and 6x optical zoom made me a very happy geek. The camera has no microphone, and the focusing is wacky if you accidentally put it on the wrong setting, but I am willing to save a couple hundred dollars for the sake of a camera that takes a bit of fiddling to work. In all honesty, I do not give a shit about start-up time, size, megapixels, or brand name. I just want the most optical zoom for the buck. I have Photoshop and basic camera skills for shit’s sake, I don’t require a camera with a couple hundred dollars worth of contrast-fixing microprocessors. Thank you Panasonic for making a digital camera powerful enough to take good pictures without throwing in $300 worth of bullshit.