Comment Policy

This is my blog and personal space. I reserve the right to delete any comment, regardless of content. Contributions are encouraged, trolling is strictly prohibited. The following will be deleted (and/or mocked) at my discretion:

Attempts to derail
Accusations of bad faith
– Playing the Oppression Olympics
– Navel-gazing that amounts to “what about teh menz!?
– Assorted evidence of your impressive ability to be an asshole
– Whatever I want

This is my space, and I get to be as loud, opinionated, and mean as I want. Deal with it. If you really want to whine about how horrible I am, use your own damn blog.

A note on the First Amendment: You have no Constitutional right to be heard on someone else’s blog. I am not a government entity. Me telling you that you are being an offensive shitweasel and then refusing to further interact with you is, in fact, my prerogative and right. If you think that someone calling you out on your shit or refusing to let you use their space as a bully pulpit for your mendacious assholery is somehow unconstitutional, you are sadly mistaken.

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