Why did you start this blog?

The world needs more radical feminists. I found that most blogs are speaking into the vast echo chamber that is internet idiocy, and I wanted a place where I could express controversial sentiments that would otherwise horrify my peers and shock my parents.

Why do you hate men?

It’s not men that I hate, actually. I hate the patriarchy, and its enforcers. I hate those that defend their right to more than their fair share on the basis of their genitalia. I hate those that exploit and defend the exploiters. I hate rapists, murders, abusers, and chauvinistic pigs. I hold men more responsible for the deplorable state of the world simply because their gender collectively profits off the subjugation of the female sex. This sentiment is more common-sense than radical, considering that men own 99% of the world’s wealth and make up more than 50% of their country’s leadership (excepting Sweden). I hate those who deserve to be hated, pure and simple. If that’s radical, then I’m a radical motherfucker, okay?

What’s with the title?

I’m really passionate about being right when it comes to feminism. Thus, my intellectual superiority (I wish I was kidding) when it comes to gender issues fills me with a fire, or a blaze, of political righteousness. Also, women have two x-chromosomes, so I attached XX to the Blaze. Also, I thought it looked cool. Recently, I discovered that people were accidentally getting referred to my site with searches such as “XX Rape” and “XX Women”. The thought that deviant perverts looking for disgusting abusive smut are accidentally stumbling across my blog is extremely amusing.

Why are you so shameless and personal?

The personal is political. If I only spoke impersonally, I would sound as if I was some outside observer that thinks herself above the patriarchy. Nothing is further than the truth. The male-dominated world influences my life every day. If I recorded here all the nasty misogynistic things I heard and saw, personally, I would have to post eight times an hour. Feminism is personal. The ideology has radically changed how I think of myself and the world around me. If frank talks of masturbation, sexual abuse, and “deviant” bisexuality bother you, then I’m glad to be a nuisance.

Why are you so pedantic and wordy?

I have a bizarre sense of humor that culminates in written expression that is riddled with hyperbole and sarcasm. I have a very dark sense of humor, and I weald my metaphorical pen like a beating-stick. I abhor dumbing down my writing for the sake of being gentle. Fuck that shit. Half the problem with radical movements is that they are not radical enough. I really don’t care how accessible my message is to teh menz. The status quo coddles nay-sayers all day long, so I figure that is my job to be as brutally honest as possible.

What the hell is with your terminology?

I read a lot. A lot of what is read is gender theory like Dworkin and other advanced Patriarchy-blaming goodness. If the terminology doesn’t make sense, ask politely and I might clue you in. Otherwise, see Feminism 101, or I am Not Responsible for Your Basic Education for more details. I go out of my way to disseminate my vast gender knowledge to you. If you go to a whale-hunt with a small pointy stick, you’re going to be in trouble. Please don’t attempt to debate if you have no idea what things like “false consciousness” and the “rape culture” are. It’s disrespectful.

Why are you such a bitch to commentors?

Quick question: would you go to an astrophysics blog after completing high-school algebra, assume a lofty tone, and attempt to school others on their erroneous calculations? I really hope not. Also, if you have a penis and you think that peppering your comments with “honey” and other infantilizing rhetorical devices makes you teh smartzors and superior, kindly fuck off. All sexist commentary about my shrill tone, alienating rhetoric, and self-victimization will get the banhammer.

Can I link to your blog?

Sure. Please drop me a line in the comments to let me know that you have done so. If I ask you to remove the link, please do so. Unless you’re a complete asshole, I probably won’t.

  1. I just realized that you are not on the blog list at Female Impersonator. I will be adding you as soon as I post this. Lemme know if that’s a problem.

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