Link Dump

This repository of all the gems I have uncovered from the wide internets is largely uncompleted. Not only do I need to sort through hundreds of personal bookmarks, I want to code and format this post for the easiest viewing. If you stumble upon a dead link, please leave a comment telling me which one it is, and what section it is in. If you personally have a link to contribute, also feel free to leave it in the comments.


  1. Feminism
    1. Definitions of, Basics
    2. Rape, Sexual Harassment
    3. Violence
    4. Sex Work
    5. Religion
    6. Media
    7. Language
    8. Anti-Feminism
    9. Divorce, Relationships, Marriage
    10. Children
    11. Theory, Philosophy
    12. Famous People
    13. Work
    14. Politics
    15. Abortion
  2. Liberalism
    1. War
    2. Environmentalism
    3. Domestic
      1. Social Issues
      2. Health Care
      3. Politics
      4. Big Business
      5. Economy
    4. International
      1. Social Issues
      2. Health Care
      3. Economy
      4. Globalization
      5. Politics
  3. Other
    1. Fun Stuff
    2. News Sources
    3. Free software
  4. Other Blogs

Feminism Links

a. Definitions of, Basics


b. Rape, Sexual Harassment

c. Violence

d.  Sex Work

e. Religion

f. Media

g. Language

h. Anti-Feminism

i. Divorce, Relationships, Marriage

j. Children

k. Theory, Philosophy

l. Famous People

m. Work, Wages

n. Politics

o. Abortion

  1. Hello! I’ve come over from Nine Deuce’s blog (because of some intelligent commenting on your part, especially helpful in sorting out some confusion on BDSM). I’ve tried both my browsers on this page, but I don’t see any links at all other than the right-side navigation bar. Is it because this is a work in progress?

    • Yep, this is a work in progress. I need to work out the bugs that happen when I try to post things in a list format. Also, I need to go through the stuff I’ve bookmarked for dead links before I put anything up.

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